Wirksworth Twinning Association operates on behalf of Wirksworth Town Council and is grateful for its support.  Trips made by members of WTA to Die and Frankenau are entirely financed by the members themselves.

Fundraising partyWirksworth twinning hosting activities are mainly financed through various fund-raising events, such as our Foreign Film Evenings at the Northern Light Cinema, cafés at the Farmers Market (note that is isn't essential to dress-up in French or German "costume" - but it does help in attracting the attention of the passing public!!!), Wine Tastings... and so on. Some of these events involve charges for those who attend, but members receive a discount for the cost of attending such fundraising and social events.

One of the main twinning activities for individuals and families involves visits to Die and Frankenau. These take place in different years and are usually for about four days each. Individuals and families pay for their own travel expenses.  Visitors to Die and Frankenau are usually accommodated by a family, and are entertained at the expense of the hosts.  Thus for individuals and families visiting Die and Frankenau, their only costs are likely to be their travel expenses.

The other main twinning activity for individuals and families involves hosting visitors from Die and Frankenau, usually every third year. Hosts receive no payment for providing meals and accommodation to their visitors. Visitors from Die and Frankenau and their hosts are provided with some organised activities. Members pay the cost of attending such activities, but the visitor costs associated with such activities are paid for by the Twinning Association, and the fundraising activities of the Twinning Association are partly to pay these costs.

Only members of the Twinning Association may be involved in a formal Twinning visit to Die or Frankenau

Other community group visits are usually arranged on a similar basis, ie a choir or football team from Wirksworth may visit Die or Frankenau to participate in a choral event or football tournament, and are hosted by members and/or families of the host community group.  Such exchanges can be arranged directly by the groups and may take place as often as the opportunities arise. Once contact has been established between similar groups, they then decide what form of engagement, or exchange they wish to proceed with, and how frequently this is to take place.

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