What is Twinning?

Wirksworth has signed twinning charters with Die and Frankenau. The towns have agreed to promote 
understanding by developing contacts between the citizens through joint activities.

What can twinning mean in practice?

Family and individual links
Young people's visits
School links
Musical visits
Artistic exchanges
Sporting exchanges
Social and Community events

Once a year a group visit is organised either to a twin town or we in Wirksworth host a group of visitors. 
These activites are open to everyone. We usually stay in family homes; a good way to get to know people.
Here are a few comments from twinners:

"I feel the main things about twinning for me are visiting another country, getting to know people and their way of life, 
making friends both here and from France/Germany, also being able to show the Wirksworth area to other"

"We hosted for the first time and met 2 lovely ladies from Frankenau. Luckily for us both spoke English"

"Magnificent landscape; rich flowers; history; a tipple or two; lasting friends; instructions on snail hunting"

"I joined twinning last year and have met wonderful people from Die, Frankenau and Wirksworth who are all now good friends"

Also, as part of our Association's Objectives we 'encourage visits by groups and individuals to and from our linked towns' and 'stimulate and foster mutual exchanges at all levels'.  Exchanges with our twin towns have included invitations to participate in summer Choral festival arranged by Die Cantat, the Dromoise and Diecyclette bicycle events, the Ecologie au Quotidien festival (see links below) and there is talk of reviving the very successful football links and developing joint art activities.

If your group would like to be in touch with groups with similar interests in Die or Frankenau please let us know.

The planting of Stoney Wood on Middleton Road was inspired by the Forêt Giono near Châtillon en Diois.

Who makes twinning work?

Twinning is an initiative of Wirksworth Town Council working in partnership with the 
Twinning Association who co-ordinate twinning activities.

Do I need to speak French or German to get involved?

Not at all (but it is a good way to learn). There are always people who can help with translation
and it is amazing how well people can communicate without language. Above all - twinning is Fun!

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