The town of Frankenau consists of the centres of Allendorf, Altenlotheim, Dainrode, Ellershausen and Louisendorf (combined population around 3,000) near to the town of Frankenberg, situated near to the River Eder in Hessen, central Germany. This is an area of rolling hills and forests and is popular with tourists. Historically there is a link between these villages and the Huguenots, who fled there from the Diois in France in the late 17th century.

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During our visit to Frankenau in June 2019 several twinners visited the Weather Museum in the nearby village of Schreufa as part of the programme of activities arranged by the Frankenau Twinning group

The museum measures plant responses to seasonal changes and relies on donations to carry out research.  WTA have made a donation to the Museum and in recognition a plaque with our name will be placed on the Museum's "Climate fence".  Click here for a link to the Museum's website (in German only).

Weather Museum June 2019

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